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In the A-share market, the hottest recent target is not \"network red with goods\" concept. As listed companies continue to join the \"hot spots\" army, the concept of online red with goods stocks in 2020 on the first trading day of january 2 ushered in a full outbreak, almost the entire line of trading limit, become the \"most beautiful\" in the capital market.


According to China Economic Weekly, there are 41 companies in the A-share market, mainly in the media, electronics, textile and clothing, chemical industry and other 10 industries.


Gold-lettered ham () recently said on the investor relations interactive platform, the company in the network red live broadcast this has long been dabbling, and long-term with taobao anchors, such as live broadcast star via, and with many other live network celebrities to establish a perennial cooperation relationship, continue to expand the scope of cooperation.


However, the majority of investors did not buy, many investors left a message that via sold everything, selling thousands of goods a year, so gold-lettered ham is not online red belt concept stocks.


On saturday, january 3rd, issued the announcement of issuing shares and paying cash to buy assets and collecting supporting funds and related party transactions and listing new shares, the announcement showed that its acquisition of assets involved the concept of network red people with goods; gravity media issued a risk warning that the company's recent price fluctuations were large; sunrise east issued a notice that the proportion of the company's indirect holdings of fast hands is extremely low, the impact of the investment on the company's production and operation and investment is relatively small.


Saturday, January 3, closed again at a trading limit, the 12th board out of its 15th session from December 13,2019 to January 3,2020, with a rise of up to% over the period.


Saturday's popularity was mainly due to the company's acquisition of a% stake in Hangzhou Telewatch Network Co., Ltd.(hereinafter,\" Telewatch Network \") in April 2019.


Founded in 2010, the company is one of the country's first professional mcn operators to introduce stars to platforms such as taobao live, and its first star hit live, creating two hours of sales of 10 million results, according to the data.


As a team behind Li Zi Qi, Wei Nian Technology is a short video hatched KOL (key opinion leader), extending from entertainment to consumption of MCN institutions, founded on February 28,2013.


May 8,2018, Microtech completed 80 million yuan in round B financing, investors for Chenhai Capital, Mango Media Fund Mango Venture, Sina Weibo. Previously, Microtech has also won Hua Ying Capital and Shi Shi Capital A round of investment.


According to the sky-eye data, one of microtech's shareholders, known as guangzhou chiu-shi growth equity investment enterprise (limited partnership)(guangzhou chiu-shi), holds a% stake in microtech. Shenzhen saturday investment holdings ltd., saturday's largest shareholder, owns a% stake in guangzhou. Although there is no direct or indirect stake in Microtech on Saturday, its majority shareholder indirectly holds a stake in Microtech through Chiu Shi in Guangzhou.


Some marketers point out that saturday's emergence as a super-head of the concept of net red goods, the stock price continues to play a limit myth, in addition to the previous acquisition of far-view network, but also because of its large shareholders indirectly holding micro-tech, there is a future of asset injection imagination.


Gravity rose again on january 3rd and has gained 10 trading boards in nearly 15 trading days. From December 13,2019 to January 3,2020, its cumulative increase was as high as%.


Gravity media, which went public in 2015, has been involved in more than 20 mainstream media post-productions such as iqiyi, youku, tencent and mango tv, including a number of popular shows such as \"running man\" where daddy goes \"and\" national treasure \". The company achieved operating income of 100 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2019, a decline of% over the same period last year; and realized a net profit of 10,000 yuan for its mother, up% from the same period last year.


Gravity Media has disclosed in its 2017 annual report that the company has acquired exclusive agency or core agency rights for a number of quality mobile media, and has established a long-term channel cooperation relationship with more than 200 quality mobile media.


On november 4,2019, gravity media signed a strategic cooperation agreement with fast hand short video, and the two sides carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation on the research and development, production and operation of short video content, especially on the short video depth cooperation of radio and television media platform and resources. Gravity said that the company will play in media channels, content research and development, marketing communications and other years of accumulated advantages, together with fast hands to promote the implementation of the fast up program, for radio and television media, programs, anchors, creative and other short-term video innovation dissemination and operation services, committed to create a super MCN organization.


It can be seen that the gravity media can stand out, become the popularity of the concept of network red people with goods leading the rise, only because the company has established a deep cooperative relationship with the two big network red e-commerce live broadcast platform.


On january 3, gravity re-issued a risk warning that the company's mcn business is in the early stages of development, has not yet formed a mature business model. Its market recognition and profit model are still uncertain. The business is affected by the future market size, marketing strength, user acceptance and other factors, there is uncertainty. At present, the business has not had a significant impact on the company's performance, the majority of investors to pay attention to investment risk.


It is worth noting that, according to the company's previous announcement, between December 27,2019 and December 31,2019, the concerted action of gravity media controlling shareholders reduced the company's 2.4 million shares, or% of the company's total, through centralized bidding trading during the abnormal volatility of its stock trading. The reduction in cash amounts to $10,000 if the average closing price for the three-day period from December 27 to December 31,2019 is roughly calculated.


Another hot market on the recent Internet popular with goods concept stocks Sunrise East on January 3 also closed at a trading limit, this is its fourth consecutive trading limit.


Fast hands of the network red e-commerce with the ability, is obvious to all. By the end of June 2019, the number of fast-forward MCNs had exceeded 1,000, covering more than 10,000 accounts of most head agencies, covering hundreds of millions of fans.


Although the number of fast-tracked MCN agencies has exceeded 1,000, fast-trackers are not satisfied. In the second half of 2019, fast hands around the increment of MCN began in the next big game, that is, the full development of cooperation with the Department of Radio and Television MCN.


January 3, sunrise east announced that there are market rumors that the company belongs to the concept of network red with goods stocks. In December 2015, the company subscribed through its Hong Kong wholly-owned subsidiary for $5 million in its share of the Huaxing Capital dollar fund, which was a relatively low percentage of%, and the fast hand was only one of the investment targets of the fund, and the company's indirect holding of the fast hand was extremely low. This investment has little impact on the production, operation and investment of the company. Currently the company's business and R