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Communicate with people and build relationships with people. Communicative interaction is communication, relationship construction is making friends, that is, people's social needs are - communication and making friends. Where there is someone, there is social.


Social: Communication between people in society (from Modern Chinese Dictionary, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, sixth edition). The definition includes two parts: the communicative interaction between people and the construction of the relationship between people.


A: Communicate online and make friends online. But as users of social products, our needs are more than social needs, will be more: online dating, online communication, value-added services, product performance. Products that can communicate online and make friends online can be called social properties.


make friends online and build friendly relationships with strangers online. Establishing a friendly relationship with strangers is to make friends, to make contact with acquaintances online, not to make friends online, but to migrate acquaintances.


For a better life and a happier life, we construct the chain of consanguinity (blood dating), the chain of geographic relations (geographical proximity), the chain of interests (interest-related), the chain of congenial relationships (same interest), and emotional relationships (including marriage).


A person, including his family and relatives; a person, including his neighbors, classmates, and colleagues; a person, including a client, a fan, a colleague; a person of the same interest; an emotional relationship, a person who has a favorable opinion of himself.


The above five kinds of relations, not completely isolated, blood relations are mostly geographical relations, family and relatives mostly live in one place; some students are both geographical relations, but also good relations; emotional relations can also be their own interests, and the matter of love with customers is normal.


Among the five relationships of blood, geography, interests, and good and emotion, blood relationship cannot be established on the Internet, the other four can, users can make geographical friends, interest friends, good friends and emotional friends on the Internet. But for a variety of reasons, users on the Internet, more is to make friends with good friends and emotional friends, the following only analyze the user's needs for good friends and emotional friends.


Value-added services, values other than making friends and communicating, are in five categories: entertainment (like live and game), access to information (like public numbers and news), use of tools (like payment and file transfer), convenience (like ordering and registration), and other values (like logging in as a third-party account and red packet subsidies).


Product performance: easy to download, fast registration, simple operation, smooth operation, beautiful UI, interactive humanization, product security (message security, account security, property security, privacy security, etc.), etc.


Emotional friendship, and their own people to establish a friendly relationship, the ideal result is to become lovers. The user's needs are: meet the right person, communicate with them, and build a friendly relationship. What social products can do is to provide users with potentially suitable people and help them build good communication channels.


What is the right person? Many answers on the Internet, age, face, sound, interest, education, income, personality, three views, and so on. The answers are all right, but social products need to be careful with these parameters. In this paper, two kinds of phenomena are used to analyze the suitable users.


As the age of first marriage continues to rise, more and more young people are marrying late and having children late, leaving a large number of single young men and women.


The rising rate of inter-provincial marriage and county marriage remain mainstream. National development, education promotion, convenient transportation and population mobility have led to the emergence of more and more inter-provincial marriages, and more young people are accepting inter-provincial marriages, but based on reality, most marriages are in the same county, city and province. The data available were in 2013 and 2010(in the form of a chart for 2010, in the following paragraph). According to the Health and Family Planning Commission's 2013 data on the dynamics of floating population in China, the choice of marriage among people who went out was dominated by inter-provincial marriage, which accounted for 17% of inter-provincial marriages, and 45% of inter-provincial marriages were in neighbouring provinces. The rise in inter-provincial marriage rates and the fact that the province's marriage remains mainstream will continue for a long time, for many reasons, including the fact that many only children marry to better care for their parents.


According to the data in the figure, it can be estimated that the rate of inter-provincial marriage increases at 1% per year, and now in China, it should be about 25% of inter-provincial marriage, with 75% of provincial marriage, and more than 60% of the marriage in the same county and city.


A large number of young people fit for marriage are single, meaning that there are a large number of young people with emotional need to make friends (100 million single people); marriage with the county and city remains the mainstream, meaning that for many people, the right marriage can be found in their respective counties and cities. The combination of these two phenomena, for a large number of single young men and women suitable for marriage, in their respective counties and cities, there are suitable for marriage. The same county and city, this area can be appropriately enlarged, for many single youth, only two hours to arrive, that is the appropriate distance. These two hours refer to the time from their own home to the target home, traffic can be either walking or car. Therefore, with two hours to reach the standard, the appropriate target should be in the same county or nearby county.


A large number of young users have the emotional need to make friends, the right target in their county or nearby county and city, they lack a good channel of communication, the current mainstream of emotional friendship products, cannot provide them with a good channel of communication.


Wechat \"nearby people\" cannot provide communication channels for them, for underdeveloped counties and cities, a large number of single young men and women go to work in other places, scattered throughout the country, not in the county and nearby counties and cities; for economically developed counties and cities, a large number of foreign population into the county and nearby counties and cities. Furthermore, black produces serious damage to the function of \"nearby people \", resulting in the loss of its original efficacy.


Soul's \"Soul Match\" doesn't provide a channel for them to communicate.\" Soul Match \"area matching focuses on the same city. When registering Soul, the user's address is usually the place of residence rather than the place of residence. WeChat users address, but also many are living (now living in the area, generally work and study in the area).


There are three types of user dialogue environments: private (only users can see, others cannot see), semi-open (partial dialogue others can see) and fully open (all dialogue others can see).


These two kinds of connection are good, take the Soul in the first connection as an example, connect the users of \"the same county city or the nearby county city \", need to add several small functions, in the user data module, add the user to view and edit the account address function, in the soul matching screening setting, add the same county and city, select the nearby county and city, choose the city, choose the whole country and so on. Specific functional design will be somewhat complex, the need for a smaller share.


To facilitate the reader's understanding, this article converts the two-hour arrival into \"the same county city or nearby county city \". The real situation is not like this, some large prefecture-level cities, under the jurisdiction of different counties are relatively far away, if the road is not developed, two hours cannot reach different counties in the same city, so the product in the design of the function, the area matching cannot be simply set to the same county or nearby county and city, the true situation shall prevail.


\"The same county city or the nearby county city\" is a very good match parameter, the advantage is many, the biggest advantage is conforms to the user's marriage rule. There are also shortcomings, for some users, do not want to meet acquaintances on the product of making friends, meeting acquaintances will make users feel embarrassed. Rational use of this parameter will be of great help to existing emotional dating products. Emotional dating not only serves users who want to get married at close range, but also serves other users.


Emotional dating market, is a very beautiful looking pit, pit a lot of social products. A lot of times, we think this function, that function, certainly can help the user to find the lover, but the real situation, the effect is not good, not the function is not good, just these functions only meet the needs of a small number of people. There are many factors involved in the achievement of a relationship, most of which are not influenced by social products, and the short-term probability of reaching a relationship on a social product is not high, and more often, social products give users hope (to be able to make lovers) and companionship (to be accompanied when they are alone).


Emotional dating products, please pay attention to the game function, especially double cooperation game. In a sense, a two-person cooperative game is a chat room that guides people who have a common topic of conversation. The two-person cooperation game, can promote the user to communicate effectively, enhances the friend success rate; also may help the user to solve the time, in the user lonely time, has the person to accompany, retains the user.


Yes, Tencent's game players, I do not know whether single, but emotional friends products of the game, players are mostly single, this is the advantage, emotional friends products do not need a lot of games, focus on double cooperation class, as long as ten on the line.


Make friends with others and make friends with people with similar interests. The needs of users are: meet people of similar interests, communicate with them, and build friendly relationships.


When users focus on people of interest, they want to interact with people, products need to provide users with people with common interests, and channels of communication; when users focus only on content of interest, they want more content, products need to provide users with more content, a person produces limited content, to provide users with more content, they need to provide users with more people, so products need to bring together people with common interests and give them channels of free communication.


The difference between strangers and acquaintances is whether the product acquires the user's acquaintance chain. The few strangers who have been added to the Internet can become acquaintances, but more acquaintances are people we know well in our lives, people who have been with us for years, we know his\/her name, appearance, place of origin and preferences, and we often don't know much about online friends.


There are two ways for social products to obtain the chain of user acquaintance relationship: one is to help users build the chain of acquaintance relationship, the other is to introduce the chain of user acquaintance relationship; the second is the correct way, QQ and WeChat are both to introduce the chain of user acquaintance relationship.


New social products, users focus on friends and communication experience; acquaintance social products, users focus on communication experience. Introduce the user acquaintance relationship chain, the main demand involved is communication, in general, the product better communication experience can introduce the user acquaintance relationship chain, in addition, the product value-added service can also help to introduce the acquaintance relationship chain (such as red envelope subsidy).


In the adult acquaintance social market, WeChat is doing the best, efficient communication experience, perfect value-added service, first-class product performance. So, adult acquaintance social market, other products still have a chance?


WeChat has acquired all our relationship chains, some of which will bring us social pressure, and these relationship chain users cannot give up, many times, we will want to escape these relationship chains. Like some children cannot do without parents, but will be in the QQ space and WeChat circle of friends to shield parents, because parents will bring them pressure.


Other social products have the opportunity, this opportunity is not to defeat WeChat, but to transfer the user's unstressed acquaintance chain to help users build a relaxed acquaintance circle.


A social product, usually first strangers to socialize, and then to get a chain of relationships, to socialize with acquaintances. Social friends make friends, especially emotional friends, the product needs to focus on the function of emotional friends in the early stage, but also cannot give up the experience of communication, must stick to the experience of communication. The acquisition of acquaintance relationship chain, the way to use the mobile user acquaintance relationship chain, the way to use red envelope subsidies, the introduction of third-party enterprises to send red envelopes to users.


The social platform sends red envelopes, and there are three sources of red envelopes: social products to users; users to users; and third party to users (generally refers to enterprises to users).


There are three items for social products to send red envelopes, guide new users to download and use this product, guide users to open payment function and bind bank cards to obtain user acquaintance chain; the form of red envelopes is generally cash; there are many rules for issuing red envelopes, which vary from person to person.


The third purpose of sending red envelopes to users is two, selling goods and advertising; there are three forms of sending red envelopes, cash, discount card (coupons), goods; there are many rules for issuing red envelopes, which vary from person to person.


The social platform sends the cash card to the user, and the user receives the cash card. There are four kinds of cash cards:01. Yuan cash gold card, Yuan cash gold card, Yuan cash gold card, Yuan cash gold card. Cash cards cannot be transferred to others, cannot be withdrawn directly, need to be converted to cash to withdraw.


The platform provides a kind of game,\" lucky collision \"(random draw game, multiple users participate, only one lucky person), the user can initiate the game to a good friend \"lucky collision \", each time participate, need to consume a cash card, the total value of the cash card of the participants equal to 1 yuan to start the game, according to certain rules, randomly select a winner, the winner can get all the cash, that is,1 yuan,1 yuan can be withdrawn.


Cash cards of equal denomination can play together, cash cards of different denominations cannot play together. That is, ten users who hold the gold card \"lucky collision\" together, only one lucky person finally got all 1 yuan.


In the same way, five users of the yuan cash card can start the \"lucky collision \", four users of the yuan cash card can start the\" lucky collision \", and two users of the yuan cash card can start the \"lucky collision \".


The user initiates the \"lucky collision\" to the friend, may use the cash, the friend participates in the game also must be the cash, uses the cash, only limits the equal denomination amount, but does not limit the number of people, two users only sends the Yuan Yuan also may, has one winner may obtain the Yuan Cash, the cash play method, needs the limit, the user participates in the amount not to exceed certain value every day (has the gambling suspicion, does not know whether is illegal, the reader is careful). Users can also send cash red envelopes to each other.


Third party enterprises send red envelopes to users. The purpose of third-party enterprises for advertising, the form of red envelopes is commodity cards, commodity cards can be converted into real goods. The commodity card is divided into seven grades, which are 1 card,2 card,3 card,4 card,5 card,6 card,7 card.


Level 1 card corresponding value yuan, level 2 card corresponding value 1 yuan, level 3 card corresponding value 10 yuan, level 4 card corresponding value 100 yuan, level 5 card corresponding value 1000 yuan, level 6 card corresponding value 10000 yuan, level 7 card corresponding value 100,000 yuan, every 10 similar commodity cards, can start \"lucky collision \", the final winner or get an upgrade card, such as 10 level 2 card users to participate in\" lucky collision \", the final winner can get a level 3 card.


The commodity card can exchange the commodity, the general level 3 card can exchange the commodity, the commodity value corresponding to the level 3 card is basically about 10 yuan. The initial value of the commodity card is different, some users get the level 1 card, some users may get the level 3 card, but all users get the commodity card at least one lower than the value of the commodity. For example, grade 3 goods, then users can get a maximum of 2 levels of the goods card.

举例,有五家企业参与,分别是AA奶糖企业,商品是AA奶糖一盒,商品 物流=10元;BB服装企业,商品是BB运动衣一件,商品 物流=100元;CC手机企业,商品是CC手机一部,商品 物流=1000元,DD家私企业,商品是DD床垫一个,商品 物流=10000元,EE是汽车企业,商品是EE汽车一辆,商品 物流=100000元。

For example, there are five enterprises involved, namely AA Milk Sugar Company, and the goods are AA Milk Candy Box. Logistics =10 yuan; BB clothing enterprises, goods is a BB sportswear, goods Logistics =100 yuan; CC mobile phone enterprise, commodity is a CC mobile phone, commodity Logistics =1000 yuan, DD private enterprise, commodity is a DD mattress, commodity Logistics =10000 yuan, EE is the automobile enterprise, the commodity is the EE automobile one, the commodity Logistics =100000 yuan.


Each enterprise according to the principle of equal value, send commodity card, AA milk candy prepared 100,000 yuan of goods (including logistics), that is, there are 10,000 goods, then AA enterprises can send 1 million AA milk candy grade 1 card, exchange a box of AA milk candy, need AA milk candy grade 3 card; the same BB clothing company prepared 100,000 yuan of goods (including logistics), that is,1 thousand goods, then BB enterprise can send 1 million BB sportswear grade 1 card, exchange a BB sportswear need a BB sportswear grade 4 card.


These commodity cards can be issued to 1 million users, one card per person, or 500,000 users, two cards per person, or 100,000 users, one level 2 card per person, usually one level 1 card per person, in order to make the advertising wider.


If a user receives an AA milk candy 1 card, then he can initiate a \"lucky collision\" with a friend with the same product card, each time with 10 cards, only one person gets an upgrade card, ten users with AA milk candy card 1 participate in the \"lucky collision \", and finally only one user can get an AA milk candy 2 card, and the AA milk candy goods must have a 3-level card to exchange.


So lucky users also have to find other users with the same AA milk sugar level 2 card, another \"lucky collision \", the final lucky user, will get AA milk sugar level 3 card, this time, users can exchange goods, goods will be sent to users logistics.


Each card, contains three kinds of information: card grade information, commodity exchange rules, commodity information. Every card is an advertisement, and more than once.


This is the seven most basic ads, and there are more ways to continue to increase the number of ads. A card, cost yuan, multiple ads, and more than one audience, really not expensive. Red envelopes do not use cash, is to goods as advertising, enterprises are more receptive.


The social platform sends red envelopes in order to obtain a certain amount of relationship chain, the form of sending is cash. Social platform according to a certain algorithm, send a certain amount of red envelope to the user, cash red envelope, red envelope denomination unified 50 yuan. The user needs to send this red envelope to a group of 50 people, everyone can receive the red envelope, the user himself gets the yuan, the other users are all yuan.


Advertising is effective, the cost is not high, many enterprises can afford. Companies have gained an advertising effect, users have gained windfalls, and social platforms have gained users with great joy. The product needs to set an upper limit to prevent the user from adding a large number of strangers friends, the third rule is easy to cause the user to add a large number of strangers friends.


Most users will, after the first three red envelopes, many users have added some friends, the group of 50 people is small, users can add more acquaintances. Yuan, is a very small amount, but also worth a lot of users to add friends and groups. Red envelopes sent to the living crowd, the value is only yuan, sent to the acquaintance group, the value is 50, good things, and close relationship with the people to share, the human nature.


In 2010, I never thought that one day no longer log on to QQ, QQ to the 2010 Internet users, like WeChat to us today. Now many people no longer log on to QQ, QQ do what wrong?


No, just wechat is better. WeChat is excellent and worthy of all kinds of praise, but the social pressure brought by the huge relationship chain, has always existed, there is no other product replacement, we have not left, when there are other products to replace, the user will leave. To be exact, wechat will remain a high-frequency social software, not to leave, but to migrate some of the relationships.


Acquaintances socialize and re-communicate. It's hard for other products to go beyond WeChat in the exchange experience, but it can be close to WeChat. After that, as long as a certain number of user relationship chain migration out, users will slowly become active.


Interprovincial marriage probability has been increasing, the higher the education, the higher the cross-provincial probability, but I believe marriage with the county or city is still mainstream. Three views and the user's place of life, age, education level is very relevant, people with different degrees, it is really difficult to talk.


Before the college students are few, only in the developed economic zone is easy to see, a bunch of college graduates go to the economically developed areas, live there, and then love and marry. Now there are a lot of college students, easy to meet in their own counties and cities.


In 2001, there were tens of thousands of graduates of ordinary institutions of higher learning, assuming that the graduates were 22 years old, were born in 1979, with a population of around 17 million in 1979, or college graduates in 2001, representing% of their peers.


By 2018, the national college graduates were 8.2 million, pushing forward 22 years, that is, in 1996, the population of 20.57 million, or 2018, college graduates, accounting for 40% of their peers, which is easy to meet people with the same education in the same county and city. Growing up in the same place, and about the same age, and then similar academic qualifications, the probability of three views is very large, the probability of love is also very large.