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For these two words, born in December 1990, Li Chunrong, with a low salary, in Chongqing Fengjie County Caotang Town disability support center for four years. On December 27,2019, Li Chunrong spoke to reporters about his work experience at the Centre for Disability Support in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Quanchao


Fengjie is the scene of the film The Good People of the Three Gorges. Li Chunrong's disabled support center, just west of Kuimen in the Qutang Gorge of the Yangtze River, now has 84 disabled and five-protection families who have lost their ability to work. She accompanied and cared for these \"special children\" like \"parents\" at a young age.


Over the four years, li chunrong has \"sent away \"16 disabled people. The first time she watched the death of the people here, she was still a little frightened and then calmed down. On December 27,2019, disabled people watched TV at the disability support center in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Quanchao


Four years ago, she worked in Shenzhen with her husband, with his young son and hemiplegic mother-in-law, when she was head of an electronics business. Because her mother-in-law had lung cancer, the family returned home to Fengjie. After her mother-in-law died, her husband became a village accountant, and she came here to apply for a dean.


To provide for the first three days of the center, she was very uncomfortable, see everything disgusting, a mouthful of food did not eat, a month down to lose more than ten jin. But now she does everything by bathing, dressing, feeding and helping with the toilet. On December 27,2019, staff of the disability support center in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing, helped the disabled to walk outdoors. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Quanchao


When Chen Qingxiu came to the support center, he was dishevelled. Li Chunrong pulled her to take a bath, she died, but also bit Li Chunrong's wrist, almost bite bleeding, but Li Chunrong still with great patience to help her take a bath. Now, Chen Qingxiu fell in love with the bath, as long as Li Chunrong a shout, he obediently walked to the bathroom.


She taught Luling, a 20-year-old mentally retarded young man, to think with a spoon. During the meal, the table first did not set the meal, put a spoon, she handed him the spoon from different angles to let him go to hold, at first the spoon grew old, practiced for two months, did not use the spoon in 10 years, the first hand held the spoon, put a mouthful of rice into the mouth.


She never thought of giving up! Now the couple earn a total of four or five thousand yuan a month, but also to raise two children, life pressure is really not small. \"Where don't you make two or three thousand dollars? You can make so much money by looking for something you want to do, like looking at a shop or selling clothes. said she.


But for this group of \"special children \", let her choose to stick to. On December 27,2019, staff of the disability support center in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing, used wheelchairs to push disabled people to outdoor activities. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Quanchao


The disabled people in the feeding centre were more reluctant to give her up. A few days ago, a 28-year-old mentally handicapped young man, Zhong Jun, was brought home by his mother and was ready to come again after a year. But after only two days at home, he cried again and went home. His mother had no choice but to send him back.


In the fall of 2017, Mr. Li gave birth to his second son, who spent a month in intensive care because of dystocia. The family of a disabled person came to the hospital and gave her 200 dollars, and she was determined not to. The next day, the family member brought in a basket of home-grown eggs and said,\" This is not a bribe. We're women together, and it's not easy for you.


Last may, five new carers were recruited at the support centre. One of the women, in her 40s, began to cry after a glance at the environment. 'What are these people,'she said,'not even their parents. Towards noon, Li Chunrong told her not to cry before leaving after lunch. In the canteen, the woman could not swallow the meal and began to complain again. \"You can give up, but don't look down on these people,\" said Li Chunrong. These people are like our parents, with disabilities, but with dignity!


Another nurse only a day and a half, on the persistence, very embarrassed to resign to Li Chunrong. Li Chunrong told her:'You're already great!' On December 27,2019, staff of the disability support center in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing, walked with the disabled. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Wang Quanchao


At the feeding center, she had moments of sadness. Several disabled persons have not visited their families at one time. Seeing other people's families coming, they would hide in the corner and shed tears.


Seeing these situations, Li Chunrong wanted to cry. She secretly told herself not to cry in front of the people in the support center, some people were pessimistic, must make everyone happy.


These two years, Li Chunrong has a good reputation in the circle, some health care institutions want to \"dig\" away from her, the treatment is very good, but she is reluctant to leave here, choose to continue to stick. (For more original information, please download the \"Surging News\" app)